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Learn Thai Podcast TeamWe started Learn Thai Podcast in 2006 when Jay started to work in a design studio in Thailand and I (Jo) helped him to learn the Thai language. First we created about ten lessons just for fun and then later in 2008 after we received so much positive feedback we decided to take this to the next level.

So we created the LTP Premium course to solve the problem of many Thai learners who try to learn with books and other home study courses and make slow or little progress. The problem are not the people who learn Thai but the self study material available. Every book has its own transliteration system and way of teaching Thai. Furthermore books are just that… books and you can not learn with all your senses.

The idea was to create one source of learning material that helps people to completely learn the Thai language from simple greetings all the way to reading & writing Thai or even understanding formal Thai. Just one course that gives you all the knowledge and tools to learn to speak, write, read and understand Thai fast and efficiently.

Now after over 700 lessons that we created in the last 2 years and several thousands of members who have successfully learned Thai with us we are happy to be able to offer you exactly that.

In our new 1 year course (download the lesson plan here) you can now learn all aspects of the Thai language in a clearly structured course that is fun and easy to use. Have a look at the course features or the different Thai lessons that are part of the course. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!
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