Everything you need to master the Thai language in one place

The Learn Thai Podcast Premium course enables you to learn Thai from scratch, step by step, on your own terms whenever and however you want to.

Thousands of people have successfully mastered the Thai language with our course online and on the go and so can you.

What will you learn?

  • Speak and understand Thai how it is spoken today by regular people on the street.
  • Learn over 4000 of the most common Thai words.
  • Thai grammar, phrases, speaking habits and word usage.
  • Remember the Thai alphabet easily with mnemonics.
  • Master reading and writing Thai step by step. (Optional)

Relevant lessons

No matter if you just want to ask for directions or talk about plans for the future with your partner. In over 800 lessons we have covered what you need to know.

The course is divided into different difficulty levels that make it easy to find appropriate lessons quickly and easily.

Track your progress and learn on your own terms
You can start from scratch and learn step by step in our different modules or create your own curriculum. You can easily track your progress and mark lessons you want to review again in the future.

Learn the smart way

The LTP system helps you to not only learn the Thai language but to truly understand it.

You do not only learn grammar rules and how to form proper sentences, all lessons come with review lessons in which you can test yourself and see what you have learned in a new context.

This makes remembering what you have learned easy and gives you the mental flexiblity to quickly respond to all sorts of everyday situations in Thailand.

Review lessons are not enough? Try the vocabulary trainer.
Besides review lessons you can create your own lists of Thai vocabulary or phrases with our vocabulary trainer. Assign them to groups and rate how well you have comprehended each word.

You decide what you want to train. Listen to the Thai audio and guess the English meaning or see the English and Thai transliteration first and write the word in Thai. The modular design of our vocabulary trainer enables you to learn however you want to.

Learn to read & write Thai

The LTP Premium Course has a dedicated section with detailed theory lessons, practice lessons, intermediate reading lessons, writing exercises and more if you want to learn how to read and write Thai.

Besides that some parts of the course such as the reading and writing module has special exercises you can print out and complete with pen and paper.

Save time and study everywhere

Study on your computer, smartphone, tablet

Every lesson comes as an audio file (to listen to), a pdf file (to print) and a video file (to watch). The course also offers many other tools that will help you to make rapid progress in mastering Thai.

Each lesson is available as

Thai Language Videos

Video File

Download each lesson or watch it online. Enjoy lessons on your computer or mobile device. (e.g. Video iPods or mobile phones that can play mp4 files).
Thai Language Audio Files

Audio File

Listen and learn wherever you are. Use your Mp3 Player or burn files to a CD to listen to it in your car.
Thai Language Texts

PDF File

Print and take the transcript of your favorite lesson with you and use it to repeat some words or as a visual aid while you listen to an audio file.
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