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Payment (5)

How much does the Learn Thai Podcast Premium Course cost?

The cost for the complete Learn Thai Podcast Premium Course is $197. Because we know some people prefer an installment payment plan, we offer you the option of making 4 consecutive monthly payments of $49.95. You will pay the first installment at the time you subscribe then you will automatically be debited at the same time each month until the remaining 3 payments have been made. You will be able to log in for five years and get all lessons and updates, but you will not be billed again after the fourth installment payment is made.

Are my credit card details safe?

Yes. We value your privacy and work with two of the most established payment providers online (Paypal and 2checkout) to ensure your data is kept safe and secure. Paypal and 2checkout are large payment providers that are processing thousands and thousands of payments for publishers world wide every day. For the payment only SSL secured servers are used and all your data is encrypted.

What is payment in installments?

You might prefer to pay the course over a matter of months instead of all in one. You get access to the course like everyone else but instead of sending us a one time payment you send us the course fee over a period of months.

Do I have to cancel the payment in installments after a certain period of time?

No, you will be only charged once for the time indicated (4 consecutive months, each month $ 49.95). After that you will not be charged again. No need to cancel anything.

Technical (5)

Can I use the course offline?

Yes, all our 800+ lessons can be downloaded as video, audio or text files and used offline with your computer and / or mobile devices.

Can I access the course with my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, all features of the course are available if you use a modern smartphone like the iPhone or recent Android devices. Most tablets such as iPads or Android tablets are supported as well. If you are not sure if your device works with everything feel free to contact us and ask.

What Internet browser do you recommend to access the course?

We highly recommend you use the Google Chrome browser because it supports all the latest web standards and technologies. The course works with all modern browsers that support HTML5 and CSS3. If you want to keep using an older Internet browser we have a separate older members area with all the lessons that support these kind of browsers.

If I download all of the lessons, how much space will I need?

The course should probably require 50 – 60 gb provided you download only one video format for each lesson.  That is really all you need since they are simply different resolutions.

I just signed up for your course and I can’t log in.

Keep in mind that your username and password are case sensitive. If you still can’t login try resending yourself the password or email us and we can reset your account.

General (5)

Where should I begin? What learning schedule do you recommend?

The course is clearly structured by modules that increase the difficulty of what you learn. You can also find our suggested one year learning schedule in our Curriculum Guide.

Do I have to follow the schedule in the Curriculum Guide?

No, you are free to learn at your own pace and however you want to. This is just a suggestion that will give you an idea of how to organize the lessons. If you choose to follow our schedule, you can complete the course in one year. The time you have to invest daily is about 30 – 45 minutes.

Can I download everything all at once or will I receive new lessons each week?

As soon as you subscribe you can log in and download all of the material we have available (currently more than 800 lessons). Keep in mind that we are continuing to add material. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to see when the course is updated.

Do you have a separate intermediate or advanced course?

Learn Thai Podcast currently offers a complete one year course that is designed to take you from beginner to advanced in one year. Our complete course includes a Reading and Writing Course. We don’t offer separate courses at this time but about 400 of our more than 800 lessons are intermediate or advanced lessons so if you already know the basics of speaking and understanding Thai there is still plenty to learn for you.

Is the course all online or will I get a book or CD?

The Learn Thai Podcast Complete Course is all online and is designed to be downloaded and saved to your computer or mobile device. If you are having a problem with the downloads or if you are unable to download lessons because of your location or internet connection we can send you all lessons on 3 DVDs, please contact us for details.

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