Learn Thai Course Overview

Getting started with Thai has never been easier

  • 150 useful Thai phrases: In our phrase lessons you learn phrases and sentences for all sorts of common situations. Want to ask for directions or tell the massage lady to massage harder? We have covered this.
  • Learn the 300 most common Thai words: Build up your vocabulary the smart way by learning the most common Thai words first.
  • Over 60 Thai sentence templates: Use the Thai words you have learned along with the sentence templates to create your own sentences.
  • Beginner lesson cycles: Learn new words, listen to them in a real life conversation and pay attention when we walk you through the whole conversation step by step.

Get a deep understanding of the Thai language, step by step.

  • Thai grammar made easy: You learn all there is to know about the Thai grammar in our 42 grammar and word usage lessons.
  • Every grammar lesson comes with a dedicated review lesson: Review what you have learned and test your knowledge in our review lessons.
  • Special pronunciation lessons: Many people new to the language struggle with their pronunciation. Our special pronunciation lessons help you to hear the different tones and pronounce them right.
  • Learn over 3000 common Thai words: Expand your vocabulary to be ready for day to day life in Thailand with our 318 beginner vocabulary lessons.

Learn to speak real conversational Thai

Each of our 73 Intermediate Lesson Cycles consists of four lessons that relate to each other. Besides Bangkok Thai we have special lessons about different Thai dialects (northern, southern, isaan).

  • Vocabulary Lesson: Learn the vocabulary that is used in the next lesson of the cycle, the conversation lesson.
  • Conversation Lesson: Train your listening skill by listening to native Thai speakers talking about different topics.
  • Grammar Lesson: We walk you step by step through the conversation of the previous lesson and you learn new grammar and word usage patterns.
  • Review Lesson: Test and reinforce what you have learned.

Take your Thai to the next level

All advanced lessons are within 16 lesson cycles. Like the intermediate and beginner lesson cycles each cycle consists of four lessons.

  • Advanced Lessons: Learn to follow along telephone conversations and other longer conversations between native Thai speakers.
  • Advanced News Lessons: In these lessons you learn how to read, understand and listen to the much more formal Thai that is spoken in news shows.
  • Thai only versions: Besides the regular lessons, all advanced and intermediate lessons are also available as pure Thai lessons (without the English speaker). This helps you when you want to review individual lessons or simply sharpen your listening skills.

Learn to read & write Thai.

You do not have to but we have everything you need to master reading and writing Thai quickly and easily.

  • Thai Alphabet Memory Aids: Remember the different vowels and consonants easily with memory aids that connect the shape, class and other information with an illustration to make it easy to remember.
  • Theory Lessons: Learn the basic theory that you need to know to read and write Thai.
  • Practice Lessons: Similar to review lessons you can practice what you have learned in the Theory Lessons with these Practice Lessons.
  • Writing exercises: Print these exercises and complete them to get used to drawing Thai letters.
  • Let's read lessons: Practice your skills with these practical reading lessons.
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