Discover how to learn Thai quickly & easily. Speak and understand Thai in just a few months.


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How the LTP Premium Course makes it easy to learn Thai.

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The LTP Premium Course

...walks you step by step through all aspects of the Thai language. Thai Language Online Course

Thousands of people have successfully mastered the Thai language with our course online and on the go and so can you.

What will you learn?

  • Speak and understand Thai how it is spoken today by regular people on the street.
  • Learn over 4000 of the most common Thai words.
  • Thai grammar, phrases, speaking habits and word usage.
  • Remember the Thai alphabet easily with mnemonics.
  • Master reading and writing Thai step by step.

How does it work?

You learn Thai with hundreds of lessons (download the current 1 year lesson plan here) that are categorized by difficulty and type of lesson (e.g. grammar, vocabulary, conversation..). These lessons cover all topics you need to know to master the Thai language quickly and easily. You can download them to your computer, play them on mobile devices or enjoy them online.

Every lesson comes as an audio file (to listen to), a pdf file (to print) and a video file (to watch). The course also offers many other tools that will help you to make rapid progress in mastering Thai.

Learn the way you want to.

I have tried lessons, tapes and even went to a language school but nothing compares with the LTP premium course. I couldn't believe it. Thanks for making learning Thai fun.
John Bradshaw, LTP Premium Course Member

Learn quickly & efficiently.

People are different; they have different learning styles, different schedules, different lives. To make the most out of your time, all of the hundreds of LTP Premium Course lessons come in a variety of formats so you can learn however, wherever and whenever you want.

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced Thai learner?

The LTP Premium Course caters not only to different learning styles but also to different levels of Thai learners. You can pick lessons for beginner, intermediate or advanced Thai learners.

Intermediate and advanced lessons have regular and Thai only versions. So if you are looking for a challenge or want to see how much of a lesson you understand, try the Thai only version.

Each lesson is available as

Thai Language Videos

Video File

Download each lesson or watch it online. Enjoy lessons on your computer or mobile device. (e.g. Video iPods or mobile phones that can play mp4 files).
Thai Language Audio Files

Audio File

Listen and learn wherever you are. Use your Mp3 Player or burn files to a CD to listen to it in your car.
Thai Language Texts

PDF File

Print and take the transcript of your favorite lesson with you and use it to repeat some words or as a visual aid while you listen to an audio file.

Speak & understand real street Thai

Learn Thai Videos

After "learning" Thai from several popular books I felt I was ready to speak Thai. Boy was I wrong. While I could speak a bit Thai I couldn't understand what any Thai was saying to me. I was lucky to find your course and your conversation lessons changed that. Now I can understand most Thais and I improved my Thai so much faster than with those books. Great job!
Hannah Ranau, LTP Premium Course Member

Learn Thai Conversation Lessons

Just speaking Thai isn't enough.

The LTP Premium Course focuses on real street Thai the way it is spoken today. In our conversation lessons you hear and see native Thai speakers talking like they would talk with you.

You learn to speak and understand modern Thai instead of outdated dictionary Thai. Conversation lessons come in two different flavours. Some are like interviews in which you hear a single native Thai speaker speaking and some are dialogue lessons in which two or more people talk to each other.

Learn to understand TV Thai

Thai in news reports or documentaries is different to Thai spoken on the street. We want you to be able to get as much language input as possible from different sources. That's why we have advanced news report lesson cycles in which you can learn this more formal way of speaking Thai.

Conversation & News Report Lessons

These lessons are the central part of our lesson cycles.
Intermediate Conversation Lesson

Thai Conversation Lessons

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Get in-depth explanations. Learn step by step.

This course is addictive. I've used other learning tools and made hardly any progress. With your course I make progress week for week and it doesn't even seem like work. Thank you!
Scott A. Schmidt, LTP Premium Course Member

Thai Grammar Lessons

Thai learning so easy
you'll actually learn Thai.

All lessons have word by word translations so you get a feeling for the word order and forming Thai sentences becomes natural for you.

Every grammar rule you learn comes along with several examples to illustrate how to use it and we break down more complicated concepts into several pieces with individual examples for easy "digestion".

Grammar & word usage lessons

Not sure when to use a certain word or phrase? If something is appropriate to say? Just started to learn Thai and you want to be confident to form different types of sentences?

Learn everything you need to know about Thai grammar and word usage from telling the time to picking the right words step by step, with in-depth explanations and lots of practical examples.

Review what you have learned

Make sure what you have learned sticks with you. In our review lessons you can test and reinforce what you have learned and see the words, grammar rules and other concepts in a different context.

Grammar & word usage lessons

Beginner Grammar Lesson

Thai Pronunciation Lessons

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Learn more efficient with lesson cycles.

You guys offer fantastic value for money. Other products are more expensive and just cover the basics. You go into detail and your step by step approach leaves no questions. Thanks!
Anne Koehler, LTP Premium Course Member

Lesson cycles
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Learn Thai vocabulary quickly & easily.

Your Premium Course has truly helped me out on my job and it gets easier every day to communicate with my Thai colleagues. I highly recommend it for everyone who wants to learn Thai.
Frank Gomez, LTP Premium Course Member

Thai Vocabulary Lessons

Learn over 4000 of the most common
Thai words.

Besides conversation lessons you can build up your vocabulary with our vocabulary lessons. In each lesson you learn about 10 words. You can take a lesson with you or import the words into your vocabulary trainer to test yourself.

Extended Vocabulary Lessons

In these lessons you not only learn new words and phrases, you also see one or more example sentences of them in use. This helps you to feel confident how to use a word or phrase within a sentence, reinforces grammar rules and makes them become second nature.

Vocabulary Trainer

To make learning vocabulary complete you can use the LTP vocabulary trainer. You can test and rate how well you know certain words or phrases from our lessons, listen to them, and organize them in lists according to topics or how well you recall them.

The settings allow you to learn the way you want to, no matter if you want to see Thai first, English first, the transliteration first or a combination of them.

Vocabulary Lessons

Beginner Vocabulary Lesson

Thai Pronunciation Lessons

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Reading & writing Thai is no rocket science

Just a quick note to let you know how I feel about your course. I was thinking that I would try it out, but probably end up asking for my money back, but that won't be necessary. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with your course and so is my Thai wife who is amazed how quickly I learn to speak and understand Thai.
Mark Lombarg, LTP Premium Course Member

Learn to read and write Thai

Learn to read & write Thai.

The LTP Premium Course has a dedicated section with detailed theory lessons, practice lessons, intermediate reading lessons, writing exercises and more if you want to learn how to read and write Thai.

Thai alphabet mnemonics

The first step to learning to read and write Thai is mastering the Thai alphabet.

To speed up this process you can learn with the help of our Thai alphabet mnemonics. Mnemonics are basically memory aids that will help you to remember the sound, class and shape of each letter easily.

The example on the right shows the Thai letter "thaw mon-tho". By remembering the picture of a turtle at the beach you remember the...
  • Shape
    because the letter shape looks similar to a turtle.
  • Sound
    because the sound is "T" like "t" in turtle.
  • Class
    the turtle is on the beach, the beach stands for a low class.
Along with the illustrations you can hear the sound, see an animation of how it is written, see examples of words that use this letter and different ways of writing the letter. You can also download and print a writing excercise for each letter.

Reading & writing lessons

Reading and Writing Theory Lesson

Thai Language Online Lessons

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Easy to use, get started in 5 minutes.

Besides that your lessons have a well thought out structure they work as my daily motivator to learn Thai. It is so much easier to learn with your lessons than digging through books. You guys are doing a really good job. Thank you very much!
Mark Froden, LTP Premium Course Member

Easy Setup

Clear structure, a system that works

Thousands of members have used the LTP system to master speaking Thai. The course is easy to use and lesson sets (groups of related lessons) make it easy to find all lessons regarding a certain topic or level of difficulty.

Browsing the site by categories also helps you to find what you are looking for quickly. For example you might just want to see intermediate grammar lessons as high resolution videos - no problem.

Automatically download new lessons

You can come to our site to learn, watch videos, listen to lessons and check for updates or you set up a feedreader (like iTunes) and we can deliver updates directly to you.

Whenever you launch your feedreader it checks for new lessons and if there are any they are downloaded automatically to your computer (or even to a mobile device if you have configured it for that).

It's easy to set up a feedreader and we have video tutorials that show you how to do it. Many members really appreciate this feature because they have new lessons always at their fingertips and as a result they learn more frequently and therefore faster.

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Feature list

  • Grammar & word usage lessons: Master the Thai grammar, speaking habits, pronunciation and other aspects of the Thai language quickly.
  • Review lessons: Reinforce what you have learned, have fun testing yourself and get a natural feeling for the language.
  • Conversation lessons: Train your listening skills and learn to speak and understand real street Thai.
  • Vocabulary lessons: Build up you vocabulary rapidly with these short lessons.
  • Vocabulary trainer: Review and reinforce not only vocabulary but also complete phrases and sentences (everything we have in any of our lessons).
  • Thai alphabet mnemonics: Learning the Thai alphabet has become so much easier with the help of our visual aids and story telling system.
  • Reading & writing lessons: Step by step, with theory and practice lessons, you will be introduced to reading and writing Thai.
  • LTP online community: Stop by to get help from us and other members.
  • Word by Word Translations: All lessons have word by word translations that you learn the structure of Thai sentences naturally.
  • Audio Transcripts: You can listen to each single sentence or word of a lesson on our website.
  • Video, audio and PDF files: It is your choice how you want to learn. Learn online by watching videos, download videos, burn the audio files to a CD and listen while driving your car or listen to lessons on your MP3 player while reading the transcript.
  • The freedom to learn wherever you want to: Make the most out of your time and automatically learn more often by having all your learning materials always with you.
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"Everyone who is serious about learning Thai will love the course." (and we guarantee that)

Your method of teaching was completely unfamiliar to me. I had taken Thai lessons in person for a few months but became uninterested and bored quickly. I'm not sure if it was the lack of structure or my lack of motivation. I'm happy that a friend from Thailand recommended me your program. It just works for me. I love taking your lessons with me when I go for a walk or just have some free minutes while waiting for something. You have a truly unique approach to teaching Thai and I will recommend your course to others. Everyone who is serious about learning Thai will love the course.
Quentin Roux, LTP Premium Course Member

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident you will enjoy the course.

Yes, we had plenty of time to refine our learning system in the last two years and that's why we are sure you will enjoy the LTP Premium Course. You can join today, absolutely risk free and if you feel the course is not right for you just email us and take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee. No problem, no hard feelings. (We are pretty relaxed people too!)

You can sign up via 2checkout or Paypal which is 100% safe and secure. They are both established payment processors with years of experience and a positive track record. If you have any questions feel free to email us.

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Get the free Thai language study guide (or download it in our course area)

Discover the underlying principles that make the LTP Premium Course work
and general tips and tricks how to learn Thai efficiently.

I'm very pleased with the course. The practical lessons and self directed learning is great!
Anna Glithero, LTP Premium Course Member

I took some Thai lessons while visiting Bangkok last year. It was interesting but my Thai teacher didn't really know how to teach, but now, with your excellent course I can study at my leisure and whenever I feel like learning. Your daily vocabulary lessons are great and the premium lessons gave me an in depth understanding of the Thai grammar. I wish I would have found your site earlier.
Bjoern Lindh, LTP Premium Course Member

17 years ago I moved to Bangkok. I had found the love of my life here but her English was so good that I never cared to really learn Thai. I'm retired now and spend a lot of time online so I came across your site one day. I'm so happy that this happened. I'm a member since 6 weeks now and all the bits and pieces that I was able to learn in my time here come together. I didn't expect that I could be so passionate about the Thai language. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Pierre F. Lemans, LTP Premium Course Member